July 27, 2017 New Lava Near Vent
Yet another new surface flow near the vent, nosebleed outbreaks throughout the flow field, plenny lava streams entering the ocean… and a huge crack on the lava delta indicating an imminent bench collapse! The surface flow we’ve been tracking for the past couple months has progressed about half way from the Pali to the Pacific Ocean. Some pahoehoe breakouts were found on the coastal flats, but more were located above the cliffs… with the most active lava activity within a half mile of the vent, were a new flow is making it’s way downslope. Extraordinary Paradise pilot Sean Regehr made our documentation of the Goddess Pele easy! Leilani the Hula Girl, Turkish Ducky, Bruce Omori and Special Guest Chris Guzman and I enjoyed another outstanding lava overflight! Paradise Helicopters and all their pilots… no ka oi! Still working on our new “VolcanoScapes” series entitled “The Hot Seat!” Stay tuned for exciting well-known guests, engaging visits with interesting Big Island personalities… and of course, as always, the best Kilauea Volcano lava video anywhere! Coming soon! You never know who might show up in #HotSeatHawaii next!
Mahalo to Paradise Helicopters and Bruce Omori at Extreme Exposure