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Documenting the eruptions of Hawaii’s Kilauea, the world’s most active volcano for over 30 years.
High Definition stock footage and video production services available.
Mick & Ann Kalber, Tropical Visions Video, Inc.

Tropical Visions Video, Inc. is a High Definition video production company on the Big Island of Hawaii. The volcano is our specialty, but we also produce in-house corporate videos, television segments, and documentaries. Tropical Visions has numerous local, national and international clients. Major clients use Tropical Visions for field production, stock footage and editing.

We also have a strong background in magazine-style feature stories. Major productions include news, documentary, feature stories and reality television for national and international clients. Local productions include Hawaii Volcanoes National Park visitor center.

Stock Footage Library
We have more high quality volcano video of Kilauea than anyone on the planet! High fountaining eruption, lava ocean entry flows, littoral explosions, pahoehoe and AA flows captured on the ground and from the air.

Our High Definition stock footage has been used in productions around the world. Our rate sheet reflects broadcast and non-broadcast use right and pricing. Use rights are licensed for television broadcasts, corporate, museum and stage presentations. Stock footage screeners are available online.

While working at KMGH and KCNC in Denver, Mick Kalber was given an Iris award, two Emmys, and the NPPA’s “Press Photographer of the Year.” His work on “VolcanoScapes,” a series of programs documenting the on-going eruption of Kilauea, has earned him dozens of national and international honors. Mick currently documents the current east rift zone eruption weekly.

Smiley Face Lava went viral within hours and has been seen on the internet and tv stations around the world and has been recognized as 1 of “100 Best Nature Photographs of 2016”

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Lava Overflight Updates

August 3, 2017

Rainy weather, spectacular lava lake, stunning red hot flows above the Pali, and a precarious lava delta still intact at Kamokuna! Extraordinary Paradise pilot Sean Regehr made the recent discovery of Pele’s new breakouts above the Pali…

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July 27, 2017

Yet another new surface flow near the vent, nosebleed outbreaks throughout the flow field, plenny lava streams entering the ocean… and a huge crack on the lava delta indicating an imminent bench collapse!

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July 13, 2017

They say the best things are worth waiting for, so hope this follows suit. Honestly, I think this is some of the most beautiful lava we’ve been privileged to capture lately… hope you enjoy it! International model Ivory May joined us as our Special Guest today. Ivory is yet another character who will be seen in our new “VolcanoScapes” series entitled “Hot Seat Hawaii!”

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104 minutes

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in standard or high definition

Link to Google Play to rent or own VolcanoScapes... Dancing with the Goddess

The latest in the “VolcanoScapes” documentary series, “Dancing with the Goddess” takes us into a new world of respect, wisdom and awe for one of the most amazing creations anywhere… the birth of the earth! Hawaiian volcanoes fascinate us… halaus chant and dance in honor of Pele, the Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes; many others “dance” with the Goddess in a variety of other ways. Photographers, tour guides, artists, scientists, poets and musicians are all influenced by Pele’s magnificent manifestations… and all these interactions can be considered hula.

“Hula is the dance of life and life cycles.”
Hawaiian Cultural Adviser Kekuhi Kealiikanakaoleohaililani

Emmy Award-Winner, Mick Kalber has been documenting the current eruption of Kilauea Volcano since it roared to life in the mid-80s. This two-hour epic will take you behind the scenes of thirty years of Kalber’s amazing volcanography; high fountaining eruptions, the devastation of Kalapana, the ash eruption deep inside Halemaumau crater, littoral explosions, lava flows, tubes, a variety of spectacular ocean entries and much, much more! It’s the untold beauty of the world’s most active volcano… told through the eyes and voices of those who are most intimate with the Goddess, Pele.

Make scientific discoveries with US Geological Survey scientist, Mike Poland close up to the “off-limits” ash eruption of Halemaumau and listen to “Pele’s Song” with infrasound scientist Milton Garces. Explore the poetry of renowned storyteller, Kim Dark. Watch the amazing re-creation of Pele’s flows by glass artist, Daniel Moe. Collect volcanic images with world famous photographer, G Brad Lewis. Ride the ocean waves to tour the early morning ocean entry with boat captain Shane Turpin, dive below to witness underwater pillow lava captured by videographer/diver, Mike May, and soar above huge, blistering lava flows with helicopter pilot, Cal Dorn. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!