Stock Footage
        Client meetings, planning production, etc.                                 $35 per hour
           Scriptwriting                                                             $100 per hour
           HDCAM Field Production Rates                               $2,000 per day
           Rates include videographer and all video equipment (portal to portal)
           Soundman (includes audio equipment) $600 per day
           Production Assistant $30 per hour
           Final Cut Pro HD                      $150 per hour

$550 per half day                        

  $1000 per day  
            (Rates include equipment and professional operator)
            (Average per finished minute)                                    $150 per minute 
            From Library                                                             $1 per Sec. 
            Original                                                                       $10 per Sec. (Avg.)
            Jingles                                                                                  $1200 per 30 Sec. (Avg.)
Travel Gas Allowance
       Gas allowance                    $ .60 per mile
Tape Viewing Time
         Any format (DVCam/DVCam/Beta SP)                                            $25 per hour
Dubbing Time
            (HDCam)                                                             $75 per hour
            (DVCam)  $50 per hour
            (Beta SP)                                                                          $50 per hour
Research Fee
           Locating Stock, Etc.                                                    $100 per hour
Video Tape Stock
            40 Minute HDCam                                                      $60 per each
            40 Minute DVCam                                                      $25 per each
            30 Minute Betacam SP $25 per each  
            60 Minute Betacam SP $40 per each
*   Daily rate is based on a tenhour day, portal to portal.  Hours beyond ten will be assessed overtime (time and a half).
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