• High Definition Field Equipment:  

    Field Equipment:

    Sony HDW-F900R HDCAM CineAlta High Definition Camera

    Canon HJ11ex4.7HDxs Wide Angle Lens

    Canon HJ21ex7.8HDxs Lens w/doubler

    Canon J13ax9B4KRD-4SX12 Stabilized Lens

    Sony LMD 9050 Multi-format Field Monitor

    Sachtler 18II Carbon Fiber Tripod

    Shure FP-33 Audio Mixer

    Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun with Carbon Fiber Fishpole

    2 Lectrosonic 195U Wireless Lavaliers & Cubes

    Electrovoice RE-50, Sony ECM-44/55/66 Lavaliers

    Lowell 600W Omni/1000W Tota Lights w/Chimera Soft Light

    Lowell 200W Portable Light

    Frezzi 50W Mini-Fill Portable Light

    CINE 60 Battery Pack

    Ten IDX E-7 Lithium Ion Batteries & charger/ac adaptor

    Sony PD150 DVCam w/Century Wide Angle and various accessories

    Libec T-37 Tripod with H-35 Fluid Head

    Libec JB-30 Jib Arm


    Editing Equipment:

    Final Cut Pro HD NLE System

    Macintosh Dual 2.5 Ghz G-5 w/6GB Ram

    10 Terabyte SATA Array

    Blue Sky Surround Sound

    Sony HDW-2000S HDCAM Player/Recorder

    Sony UVW 1800 Betacam Player/Recorders

    Sony BSR 1500 DVCam Player/Recorder

    Also available for rent:

    Dolly and Tracks

    Additional Lighting Package


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