November 17, 2016 Wild Ocean Lava
Music by the inimitable Jake Shimabukuro. Today’s selection… “F Minor” from Jake’s new album “NASHVILLE SESSIONS” on JS Records
Rainy weather upslope prevented us from accessing the vent today, but the activity at the ocean entry more than made up for our loss. The 61G flow continues unabated, dumping tons of lava into the pacific ocean at Kamokuna just inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Pele sends her flows through the tube system from the vent some six miles to the new lava delta, which continues to make the Big Island bigger, minute by minute, day by day. Heavy flows into the water frequently explode as the cool sea water is not able to cool them off quickly enough, and the resulting steam sends lava rocks skyward. The lava delta is enormous… well over 20 acres large now, even though cracks indicate a collapse may decrease that figure at any time. Numerous lobes of lava are pouring into the Pacific Ocean there, creating a huge plume of laze that can be seen for many miles. We saw only one tour boat, which left the ocean entry as we arrived. We saw no other visitors on shore watching the creation of the newest land on earth. Pele continues to form new black sand beaches along the coast near her ocean entries. The hot lava’s interaction with the cold seawater shattering the flow into bits that are then tumbled into submission. What a magnificent sight for visitors who can gain access from either the Kalpana of HVNP side by walking out the temporary access road, which goes directly to the ocean entry! The walk is lengthy, however, and precautions should be observed. Bruce Omori, Special Guest Laura Hartung, Leilani, Lava Ducky and I flew with the famous Smiley Face Paradise pilot, Colin Burkardt… you are da man, Colin!
Mahalo to Paradise Helicopters and Bruce Omori at Extreme Exposure