Lava and Rainbows
Amazing rainbows over a very active lava lake, a variety of gorgeous pahoehoe flows oozing above and on the Pali, an ocean entry lava delta and quarter-mile long black sand beach, both growing rapidly… what a fabulous overflight! Pu’u ‘O’o was accessible this morning, but barely… Sean Regehr was able to get us through the rain showers to Pele’s vigorously spattering lava lake. The 61G surface flows are still breaking out above and on the Pali. coastal surface flows appear to have abated. Pele’s molten lava continues to pour into the ocean at Kamokuna… her flows rapidly rebuilding the bench. Although it grows and subsides regularly, the black sand beach to the southwest is generally a quarter to a half mile long! Photographer Ducky, Leilani, Special Guest Lianne Hirano, Bruce Omori and I saw more rainbows and lava than ever before! Paradise Helicopters’ pilot Sean Regehr was spectacular at the stick, putting us in the best spot every time… mahalo plenty, Sean!
Mahalo to Paradise Helicopters and Bruce Omori at Extreme Exposure