April 13, 2017 Easter Ducky Lava
“Opihi Moemoe”
kī hō’alu (Hawaiian Slack Key)
by Hilo’s own Ben Kaili
Back in the air with Paradise master pilot, Pete Stachowicz. The 61G surface flow is still slowly moving toward the Pali… Pele is within a half mile of the steep downslope. Several sizable outbreaks filled our frames today the fiery molten lava. Pele’s flows continues to pour lava into the ocean in more traditional wide entry… dozens of lava rivulets are now creating a new lava bench, which has already increased to several acres in size. We saw no outbreaks on the coastal flats, but there may well be a few here and there. We were able to access the vent, but only for a quick glimpse of a rather calm lava lake. Leilani brought along a seasonal friend, Easter Ducky. The hybrid duck/rabbit, Easter Ducky, Leilani, special guest Bryan Pezman, Bruce Omori and I were overwhelmed by our morning overflight today! Mahalo pilot Pete Stachowicz and Paradise Helicopters… nobody does it like Paradise!
Mahalo to Paradise Helicopters and Bruce Omori at Extreme Exposure